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We hope May left you with everlasting memories and that you're feeling more refreshed than ever for this new month.

We are so happy to bring you all along this journey with us of entrepreneurship because it basically feels like a quest with no blueprint. For us, we may even feel as if we don't always have the answer, but we believe we will figure it out one way or another.

This month was full of creativity, surprise, love and motivation all compiled into one. As we discover new answers, new solutions and come across new opportunities, at times it all may seem overwhelming. We wanted to kick this blog post off by sharing that if you're feeling any sort of stress or low on inspiration, just know you're not alone and that it will pass!

Let's give ourselves a brief moment to take a breather. Take a minute to recollect, take that deep breath in and pat yourself on the back for all of your accomplishments!

Now let's set new goals. Keep scrolling for the good stuff.

Here's a freebie of some fun items that we've created to help inspire you, and jot down those goals! We hope it'll help you along your self-made journey. Feel free to print these template or you can download them to your favorite notes app.

GWDI Setting Goals & Notes
Download PDF • 780KB

Sending you lots of love from studio! Talk to you soon

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