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Cafecito Kisses Brought To You By - Bebitos Café

While endlessly scrolling through my Instagram stories one day this pink and green (my favorite colors) little gem appeared on my screen. I immediately forwarded all the stories to the Girls Who Do Interiors DM group chat along with their Instagram page, @bebitoscafe -and we were all in agreeance, this needed to be our next blog post.

Bebito's is nestled in a residential apartment building behind Lincoln Road. The building, Flamingo Point Center, is HUGE and fully remodeled - it almost looks like a hotel. Both the general building and this beautiful café were designed by Shim Projects, and oh boy did they do a great job!


As you approach the general area on foot - a little tricky to find non-residential close parking - you are welcomed by lush greenery and pink all around - pink chairs, pink tiles, and pink scalloped umbrellas. Our hearts were melting... The outdoor seating area in front of the café is large and surprisingly, very breezy. In Miami, any outdoor space that isn't boiling hot is a great surprise.


As you enter the café a clear central axis is presented, a clear straight path all the way to the back with all activities occurring on both your left and right.

The stairs - first thing to the right - are a huge feature point in the space. The black metal accents really pop against the light and bright tones in the space. As you proceed up the stairs onto the second floor an amazing ceiling condition greets you - more plants. Many species of plants hang from the ceiling at varying and random heights creating the same feeling of a lush garden that we experienced outside. Boy would this be easier two describe if I could draw a quick sketch - next best thing, cue the pictures.


The café's counter - first thing to the left - is clearly an important node within the space, seeing as that is where you buy your coffee and food, and wow does it feel important! The walls are lined with the same gridded pink tiles used throughout the space but here they are emerald green (insert heart eye emoji here) with pink open shelving on top.

The shelves serve as a memorabilia display with beautiful old black and white images that give the space a more homey feel. And can we talk about the pink vintage espresso machine that dominates the front counter - a beautiful statement piece.


On the first floor, the stairs not only serve as circulation but they also create the perfect nook to open up your laptop and get some work done. The vegan leather upholstered banquette provides the utmost comfort. The key to a perfect café is making spaces that people can sit down, enjoy their coffee, catch up with a friend, have a quick meeting, or most importantly, have the perfect Instagram moment.

These cozy little nooks make it almost impossible to take your coffee on the go! Not to mention the sound-proof booth - a perfect place to sit and enjoy your coffee while making a few calls without being disturbed!


A traditional coffee shop feel with a modern Cuban twist, an irresistible concept for a

Miami tourist or you’re local Miamian like ourselves.

The materials in this café provide the perfect harmony between feminine and masculine design. Shades of pink and green - not your traditional color combination but one that feels fresh and vibrant. Terrazzo flooring with a brass grout joint, a bright and sophisticated threshold between the bold colors on the wall coverings and the tile walls.

These custom-made wallcoverings make a playful statement in the workspaces and stairs.

We were so inspired by it, we took like ten close-up shots and posted it on our Instagram feed. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more perfect- we found the wallcovering you see in the picture above. Line art displays entangled body figures. This place even turned the restroom into a work of art!

Antique finished mirrors are used throughout that add an element of elegance from the past and the circular brass sconces are the perfect touch that makes the space feel sleek and bright.


A timeless design feature - their neon “cafecito kisses” sign. I couldn’t think of a more unique way to represent a stylish Miami Beach café.

From the velvet side chairs to the abstract shaped coffee tables and geometric lighting fixtures – this café brings it all to the table with their design.


After admiring every inch of this place, we could not help but think about how their overall design aesthetics in their workspaces and use of materials is so similar to what we want our future headquarters office to look like!

This café does an incredible job of communicating their brand through their design and THAT is what we like to call a successful interior!

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