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How's This For a Thatch-y Title

Being 4 typical girls, we love to go out to eat - especially Instagrammable spots. So when we found @thatchmiami on Instagram, we were sold. We had to get out there - so we did.

The interior design and overall aesthetic caught our attention. We reached out to them to see if it was possible to take interior photos, considering we are in the middle of a pandemic and all. They said yes and on the way we go.

Midtown Miami - a bright scene where the main attraction is a variety of shops and department stores, and filled with pedestrians walking along the pavements. Among this busy area lies Thatch, a restaurant placed in between the city's tall apartment buildings on a perfect little corner. One can spot the warm, peach-y accents from across the street and us being drawn to anything-color, we couldn't contain ourselves. Yes, of course we went in. Cue the pictures.


The space between the spaces. The main public route of Thatch is fully lit by an array of store-front windows, which gives clear guidance throughout your line of vision.

When entering the space, we were immediately greeted by Thatch's miniature market which displayed an array of rich superfoods and holistic items all at our convenience. It's an attention-grabber and it sure grabbed ours.



Curves on curves on curves. Accentuated by bends and crooks, Thatch seems to fit right into the visual art and architecture Miami conveys - a powerful move that interrupts the status quo.

We like it.

Not only do the curves complement your sense of direction throughout the dining area, but it intentionally draws one into its periphery in a warm manner. Such as this booth. Inviting and cozy, who wouldn't want to spend their time there? Basking in the daylight? Indulging in the finer things? A luxury.


When discussing the interiors with the owner, Christopher, we found that they opted for a warm approach, one different than the usual cool, clean-cut interiors in most of Miami. Although the warmth is mainly prominent in the salmon and blonde-colored seats, pink marble and wood, rattan-detailed furniture, it's contrasted by neutral tones of grey and white, which are seen in the floor and most table-tops as well as along some accent walls.


A unique way of introducing a tile design - ombré. This gradual blend of burnt orange to banana yellow is a fun and quirky take on a waiting desk that could've been seen as a simple waiting desk. It can make an impact on any space, and Thatch consistently reveals how important those details truly are.


When walking around looking for the perfect picture moments, we couldn't help but notice the similarity between our business brand and the brand of Thatch. Obsessed is an understatement. From the pale yellow plenum to the rattan furniture to the perfectly peach colored upholstery. We had the pleasure of contacting the designer that helped with this establishment, Ericka, from Continuum Baazar. Her role in Thatch included branding and interior design. She helped create the overall vision and consumer experience, so we can thank the colors, tiles, fixtures, art to her! Along with the interior design elements, the branding did not go unnoticed. The organic, warm shapes and fonts reflects with the entire restaurant. You are walking through the brand, getting the full Thatch experience.

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