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Surviving Midterms

Ah, yes, midterms week. A time where your life knows nothing but caffeine-induced routines, a compromised sleep schedule, and a dash of losing-your-mind.

For a lot of you, you may feel as if you strategically planned out your days in order to avoid that overwhelming feeling. For others, it's a miracle we even survived.

Whether you're a passionate, keener lot or maybe a tad late to the preparing-for-midterms party, we've all been on either side.

After five years and nine midterms later, we finally feel as if we're truly starting to get the idea of time management down-pact. Although we didn't have this throughout our time in the program (and only have one semester to go), we wanted to reveal a user-friendly resource we wish we had when starting.

All we've known and breathed was Adobe, a software you may be familiar with. Yes, they're changing the world by allowing its users to be as creative as they choose to digitally, but we also have another solution that is right at your fingertips.


Canva is a relatively new, free platform we encountered when starting Girls Who Do Interiors, and has now been considered as one of the newest additions to our list of holy grails. It's known as a graphic design platform that is used for a number of reasons: social media graphics, documents, PRESENTATIONS, as well as other visual content. So, a holy grail.

As some of you may have seen, our studio project for this last and final fall semester revolves around the healthcare typology. We used nothing BUT Canva, and it has not only saved us a time-and-a-half when preparing our presentations but still granted us that creative freedom by having access to aesthetic, customizable graphics.

We highly recommend this tool - it doesn't disappoint.

Now for the good stuff. Keep scrolling if you're interested in seeing a couple perspectives from our midterm: a conceptual healthcare facility for Baptist Health Primary Care.

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