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Back to School

We can't believe we are saying this but happy first day (weeks) of school! It's still crazy to us that we haven't been on campus in 500 something days. The level of growth that we've seen within each other, our business, and everyone around us is amazing.

That being said, GWDI has never been busier. With our Tuesdays and Thursdays filled with classes ( of course, on our GWDI days ) time management is KEY. Luckily, time management is Jen's middle name so our Google calendar is fully loaded with pastel coordinated tasks and breaks for self-care.

Self-care was a hot topic on our most recent podcast with Just Begin. As a company, we prioritize each other's mental health and allow for "self-care breaks" when needed. Hustle culture can become toxic in the sense that the concept of "don't stop won't stop" can lead to frequent burn outs and abandoning your goals.

We had the best time recording this podcast and having a natural conversation with another small business owner in everything creative, collaborative, and design related. If you ever catch yourself needing a self-care break, listen to our podcast! Click the button below and it will direct you to it - it's also available on Apple Podcasts.

Sending you lots of love from studio.

Can't wait to see some of you on campus!

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