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What a bittersweet feeling knowing Business Girl Summer is coming to an end, but it's definitely one for the books - especially after people slowly began to venture out for the first time in a while! Yes, the summer is ending, but you know what that means? Let Business Girl Semester commence!

Here's to the most memorable year of ours lives - senior year. What? When starting our program, senior year felt like a far stretch - the end goal we've all been yearning for yet had no idea as to how it felt. This is it. And we're so ready.

Here's to one more year of attending lectures, amazing class discussions, boring class discussions, hanging out in on-campus coffee shops, making questionable decisions, making definitely bad decisions, making the best decisions, working on off-days, losing count of all-nighters, grueling work on projects and homework, and sleeping in on weekends (maybe not to others a.k.a us).

Thank you to the past four years that molded us for this last one. We are the girls we ever dreamt of being, and so forth.

Now there's one thing we've gotten the hang of - Google Calendar. This is one service we've found all of ourselves using quite often (we thank Jennifer because of that) since it has been our holy grail to time-manage and schedule all things GWDI-related.

But when you don't have Google Calendar handy, we luckily created a planner that could easily keep all of us organized for the upcoming school semester! If you haven't gotten around to downloading our previous freebies from past newsletters, here's an extended version! More goodies, and yes, it's very cute.

GWDI_Full Daily Planner
Download PDF • 423KB

Sending you lots of love from studio! Can't wait to see some of you on campus!

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