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Hello July!

Okay - Business Girl Summer is going by wayyyyy too fast!! Somehow, we still feel like we're stuck in March...anyone else?

June was filled with so many fun things over here in studio - first off, we closed some new projects that we have been DYING to reveal. It's been so hard to keep this from you guys. But what is the member's club for without some exclusive looks into our recent projects? Any guesses on what project? We'll give you a hint:

It starts with Ca and ends with Pri

So as you guys may know, we recently wrapped up our #CapriKitchen a few months ago and our client has asked for us to come back to design different areas in her home! We decided to rebrand this a little and name this project the #CapriVilla

That being said, her first space that she has been dying to tackle is the guest bathroom - which currently is tiled with blue mosaic tiles top. to. bottom. It was trendy back when she was designing the bathroom and has quickly become one of her least favorite rooms in her house. That's when GWDI comes in and creates this calming Italian sanctuary that her guests and herself can enjoy.

To get a glimpse on how we started this client project - check out Episode 30 on our Youtube channel. Aside from gathering inspiration from online and in stores, we then visited Daltile in Doral, FL along with other manufacturers to find the perfect materials for our client's guest bathroom. After going through many, many, MANY, samples (i think we need a bigger materials library) we went ahead and created a final rendering so that our client can review the final look and feel before purchasing. Keep scrolling to see how that rendering came out!

In short, if you're thinking of doing your own design thing - DO IT. We had a lot of people who we looked up to underestimate our abilities to write our own future. And here we are, a year later with 10 closed projects and 4 projects in the works. Don't let anyone stand in your way to success.

Speaking of success - we know how important it is to plan and organize your day when you're trying to juggle school, work, hobbies, etc. So as always, please enjoy our handy dandy GWDI Daily and Monthly planner to help get you started!

GWDI Daily and Montly Planner
Download PDF • 81KB

Sending you lots of love from studio! See you in August!

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